WooCommerce Product reviews have a great impact on your business. These reviews can be provided in the form of pictures, texts, star ratings, etc. You can call this as social proofing also. 

Social proofing can change one’s purchase decision. Getting someone to buy a product from any random website can be very much tough. If you have some WooCommerce product reviews on your website, it becomes easier for people to make a purchase. It will make a trust factor without letting them know and thus they will be more likely to buy. 

To add a review in your WooCommerce store, you have to enable it first. Then people will be able to left their reviews on your site. If you don’t know the process, check till the finish of the post. 

Why Product Reviews Are Important

WooCommerce product reviews are one of the very powerful tools that allow you to establish relationships with your client. A single line of comment or a recommendation of another shopper has a very big impact on another person’s decisions to buy a product or not. 

Posit you have gone to a market to or in an online shop to buy a TV. There’s a TV with very good spec but zero reviews and there’s another TV with the same spec but with a lot of reviews.

So which one you are going to take? One with zero reviews or one with a lot of reviews? The answer is simple, one with a lot of reviews. Because we value our time and money, besides a lot of users will never provide false feedbacks. Therefore you can see review can change your product buying mindset.

Even negative feedback may help you in your business. You will be able to improve your service. According to statistics if all of your reviews are positive, then they are considered as fake

Product reviews are also great for SEO. Search engines appreciate pages containing user reviews and comments in the first position of the search results.

How To Add WooCommerce Reviews

Be default WooCommerce comes with a review option. You can add WooCommerce product reviews and ratings without any plugins. To do it

At first, go to your WooCommerce dashboard and navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings. Now switch to the Products tab and scroll down to ‘Review’ settings. 

woocommerce product reviews

Now place a tick on the ‘Enable product reviews’ box. There are a few more options below, from these options set whether the reviews can be only added by the verified users and whether to put labels on such reviews. 

You can also enable star ratings from here. Just place a tick on ‘Enable star rating on reviews’.

After you bring changes, don’t forget to click on Save Changes.

That’s all to add reviews in WooComerce.

How To Moderate WooCommerce Reviews

If you want to moderate WooCommerce reviews, you can do it too. To do that, from your WordPress dashboard navigate to ‘Settings -> Discussion’. You will find a couple more options there. Place a tick before an option that you want to enable. 

For example, if you want whether the review author must indicate his/her name and email, simply place a tick before ‘comment author must fill out name and email’. In this way, place tick in every option that you think is needed. 

How Do I Change The Text When A Review Request Is Sent To The Customers

If you want to moderate any received product review, first find it from the backend then hover the cursor on it. You will find some moderation options including Approve/Unapprove, Quick Edit, Reply, Edit, Spam, Trash. Use these options as you require. 

For example, if you need to change text click on edit and change the text as you require. 

How Do I Make The Star Ratings For The Reviews Appear On The Shop Page

By default star ratings for the reviews will appear only in single product pages. But if you want to show star rating on the shop page, you can do it by placing some code in functions.php.

Navigate to Appearance-> Theme Editor, then click on Theme Functions(functions.php).

Now place the following code here. 

add_action('woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item', 'add_star_rating' );
function add_star_rating()
global $woocommerce, $product;
$average = $product->get_average_rating();

echo '<div class="star-rating"><span style="width:'.( ( $average / 5 ) * 100 ) . '%"><strong itemprop="ratingValue" class="rating">'.$average.'</strong> '.__( 'out of 5', 'woocommerce' ).'</span></div>';

Don’t forget to update the file. 

Adding WooCommerce Product Reviews In WordPress With WooCommerce Product Reviews Plugins

If you want more functionality then you can take the help of WooCommerce product reviews plugins to add reviews in WoooCommerce. There are a lot of WooCommerce product reviews plugins available on the internet. Among those WP product Review Lite, Starcat reviews, YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews are telling worthy.

I am showing you how to add WooCommerce product reviews with WP Product Review Lite(WooCommerce reviews plugin).

First, download and install the WP Product Review Lite(WooCommerce reviews plugin) from the WordPress plugins repository. Now from the dashboard navigate to Product Review -> Product Review. 

You will find a page with lots of settings. From this page set the position of the review box from the first option. Choose the rating scale, style, and set all other options according to your preference.

There are other tabs there with more options. Feel comfortable to customize the WooCommerce Reviews. 

Final Words

I hope now you have learned how to add WooCommerce product reviews in WordPress. So why wait? Get started to add reviews in your own Woocommerce shop. Let me know if you have any thoughts. If you liked the post don’t forget to share it. 

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